Many Generations, Many Styles….

There’s around 59 of us…

Only kidding! But, most of the Pas’cal family are musically inclined. Singers, songwriters, guitarists, or a combination of talents. Many generations of our family are involved in musical endeavor; currently two have studio albums:

We also have a lot of friends that are like family – people that we have performed and recorded with.

In addition, we’d like to support those who’ve supported us through the years! There are several fine establishments that have been great venues for us to perform in time and time again. We value the generosity of their owners and hope you come and see us (or anyone else) perform there soon!

  • Auburn Public Theater, Auburn
  • Catherine Cummnigs Theater, Casanovia
  • Kellish Hill Music Farm,
  • Storer Auditorium, Onondaga College
  • Theater Mack, Auburn

There are several great studios in the area. Currently we work with:

And what about the promoters and other various paid and unpaid supporters? They work with us because they love our music – and we love them for it!