Dusty Pas’cal

dusty pascalThe 35-year-old Skaneateles, NY resident has a refreshingly old soul, and he expresses himself lyrically like a modern version of acoustic icon John Prine. “Early on, I was influenced by guys like Kris Kristofferson and Jim Croce, because that’s who my dad listened to, but actually, I was most influenced by my dad, who’s a songwriter himself.”

Since his father first put a guitar in his hands at age 13, Pascal has trusted his musical instincts and has refused to let the commercial side of the music business affect his creative process. Writing music has never been about the money, he said. One of the most likable qualities of Pascal’s music is that, unlike some bands who try to boast about their musical skill while playing or singing, he lets the tunes speak for themselves.

“I try not to waver too far from what the feeling of the song represents. My philosophy is to put you in the room, I like it better when you can hear little inconsistencies like the pop’ of a guitar string or something. I’ve always just had a real appreciation for the honesty of the music. I like to think of my albums as a sequence of life,” he explained. “So 20 years from now, I can look back at the songs and really know what was happening in my life at the time.”

Connecting with his audience is Pascal’s greatest attribute. “You want to say as much as you can while you’re up there on the stage,” he said.”I don’t know how long I’ll be able to (write and play) music. I have five kids and a business, and they come first. So I want to express as much as I can while I still have the chance to do it.”