SubCat Studios

d63a34_86fe846f8f2d488584169c27b3397af9SubCat Music Studios originated in 2001 as a DIY project studio in Skaneateles, NY. Mastering Engineer Ron Keck had been working with digital recording since 1989 and was an early beta tester for ProTools (previously known as Sound Tools). This prompted Ron’s decision to open his own studio to the public, and so he began recording local musicians, quickly gaining a reputation for excellent audio recordings.

In 2006, Jeremy Johnston came on board as an intern. Later, as the growing business was restructured, Jeremy was brought on as a co-owner with Ron being the principal owner. Today, SubCat prides itself on quality studio recording, remote recording, audio mixing, mastering, graphic design, and CD duplication.

d63a34_84e0a2166f0c44b4b78571af7d0efaebSubCat also offers The Sub Rosa Sessions, a live-recorded music series hosted every third Sunday of the month by singer-songwriter Amanda Rogers ( Each month showcases two original artists – one local and one national. The $20 admission charge includes the Live Intimate (30 capacity) Acoustic Concert, a professionally mixed and packaged limited pressed CD immediately following the concert, and free wine and refreshments.

Both Dusty and Shane have recorded albums at Subcat; Dusty performed in a Sub Rosa Session in November 2013 with MaryLeigh Roohan.

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2 Bros. Studios2b83cf_84955d24980b4533af1c1a7ad3bdf887

2 Bros. Studios is a family-owned company; our main focus is to provide top quality audio recording services. We own and have access to dozens of diverse microphones, preamps, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars, acoustic drum kits, electric drum kits, keyboards, pianos, synthesizers and software.

We are a full service production house, and we also has a mobile rig available to record all of your live events. We also work in collaboration with a video production company and have the ability to produce full length, HD, multi-track, multi-camera live videos.

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